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Find out approximately how much your move will cost based on which moving option you go with. Spoiler alert: hiring an expensive moving company or breaking your back aren't your only two options.


D.I.Y. Move

Just You
Packing & Unpacking You
Loading & Unloading You
Driving You
Average Cost $660
Local Move: $273
Medium Distance: $576
Long Distance: $1,921
Average Time 31hrs
Planning: 6hrs
Packing: 13hrs
Moving Day: 12hrs

Very cost effective, and you have complete and utter control over every aspect of your move.

You have to ask your friends & family to help you move, again. There goes your weekend, and maybe even your back!

Hybrid™ Move

Helpers + Your Own Truck
Packing & Unpacking You
Loading & Unloading Helpers
Driving You
Average Cost $910
Local Move: $523
Medium Distance: $826
Long Distance: $2,171
Average Time 21hrs
Planning: 5hrs
Packing: 13hrs
Moving Day: 3hrs

You won't break your back or the bank! Takes minutes to book movers on your phone through HireAHelper.

You have to take more time to research your options and spend a little more than the DIY move.

Full Service Move

Movers + Truck
Packing & Unpacking You
Loading & Unloading Movers
Driving Movers
Average Cost* $2,568
Local Move: $1,300
Medium Distance: $3,000
Long Distance: $6,000
Average Time 51hrs
Planning: 48hrs
Packing: 2hrs
Moving Day: 1hrs

Someone else does all the work on moving day!

Takes days rather than minutes to get quotes. You may have to file for bankruptcy after the move. Seriously.


Synonymous with moving, their orange trucks are all over the place (as are their many moving services.) Call them for truck rentals, storage containers, equipment and more.
A major force in the moving world, these transportation gurus offer competitive rental rates for their fleet of yellow trucks. They provide a wide variety of moving supplies and customer discounts.
Authorities in the truck rental business, from flatbeds to moving trucks. Budget rentals are many people's go-to for completing a Hybrid Move.
The Rent-A-Car giants offer up moving and transportation options with their Truck Rental division, which is flush with a wide variety of rental trucks to transport virtually anything imaginable.
For businesses only. A steady hand in the freight trailer and rental truck ecosystem. Easy to book moving trucks for your business needs.
Need to keep your things somewhere while you move? PODS provides portable containers so you can pack, store and have your things transported on your own schedule.
Storage containers that are delivered and driven away at your beckoning. They are the official storage containers of Lowe's Hardware and are often paired with professional labor to complete Hybrid Moves.
Now a part of U-Haul/U-Box. An original pioneer in the storage container industry. Door to Door has been storing and delivering container units since 1996, largely retaining a west coast presence.
Local storage container company with a personal touch. Provides a large variety of container options wherever they operate, including the industry's largest sizes for portable storage.
A growing storage and moving solution to keep your things safe while they're moved, near or far. A great company to combo with a Hybrid Move.
U-Pack offers a little known way to move your stuff across the country: shared storage space shipped together in a freight semi-trailer.
Veterans of the trucking industry for over 80 years, SureMove is Estes' attempt at providing the Full Service move option for personal moving all across the country.
Driving across the country since World War II, the Old Dominion freight trailer line has spent the last decade renting out space on their white and green trucks to people moving long distance.

Recent HireAHelper Customer Move Costs & Reviews

Debra C
Erlanger, KY
Wrote a review on 1/29/2020
Budget Truck Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

We had ordered a 16 foot truck with ramp. When we went to pick it up a 16 footer was not available and we didn't have the time to wait or travel to another site. Thankfully, they did have another 26 foot at the same price. It would only do 65 mph and I don't know how much more it cost in gas. But it drove well and carried everything we needed. They are on their way to drop off the vehicle now. Hopefully without incident that would change my review.

Distance: 300 mi
Cost: $417
Per. Mile: $1.39
SqFt. Moved: 500
Jessica T
Canfield, OH
Wrote a review on 1/27/2020
ABF ReloCube Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

small enough to fit in an average parking space, so great for use in limited parking situations and city settings. Look small but fit everything you need if you pack smart. It's all about stacking.

Distance: 750 mi
Cost: $2,000
Per. Mile: $2.67
SqFt. Moved: 1,300
Jesse K
Carol Stream, IL
Wrote a review on 1/18/2020
Uhaul Truck Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Raphael at my pick up spot was great at helping us be ready. Everything was spot on and they gave us a newer truck. Had a bad experience many years ago and this one completely erased that from my mind.

Distance: 400 mi
Cost: $630
Per. Mile: $1.58
SqFt. Moved: 2,000
Isabelle R
West Roxbury, MA
Wrote a review on 1/15/2020
Uhaul Truck Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

The main two fellows worked diligently and did a great job. Kenneth was a rock star. He had a paid helper and I believe one other who was in training. The four stars are du . e to the unpaid helper that only seemed to drag his feet and was unwilling to pay attention to what was needed, not anticipating or thinking for himself for the most part. That part of my interaction with him was a bit strange

Distance: 1,000 mi
Cost: $650
Per. Mile: $0.65
SqFt. Moved: 1,800
Wendy H
South Portland, ME
Wrote a review on 1/7/2020
PODS Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Great customer service, reliable - did what they said they would do, gave me extra tips and were flexible when the POD was dropped off in terms of best place to park.

Distance: 175 mi
Cost: $923
Per. Mile: $5.27
SqFt. Moved: 1,300
Gretchen J
Fort Collins, CO
Wrote a review on 1/3/2020
PODS Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

We've moved several times and we are very impressed with the service Pods provides. We had hired another mover, at great expense, to pack and move us to another state. They did a very poor job and left behind some furniture and lots of household items. We had only a few days to move so we called Pods. In three days we had a container and pads for our furniture. They were so responsive and helpful. Thanks to Pods we averted a disaster. If we move again, this company is the way to go!

Distance: 1,200 mi
Cost: $3,000
Per. Mile: $2.50
SqFt. Moved: 1,600
Barbara F
Kissimmee, FL
Wrote a review on 12/15/2019
Budget Truck Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

Truck was very dirty and smelled like smoke. Windshield wipers could have been replaced, we ran intot a lot of rain and the wind shield wipers were not very effective.

Distance: 1,300 mi
Cost: $1,300
Per. Mile: $1.00
SqFt. Moved: 1,200
Scott B
Camdenton, MO
Wrote a review on 12/5/2019
Penske Truck Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

The governor on the engine made it very difficult driving up an incline. Had other drivers honking at me several times as the fastest I could go was 35 mph.

Distance: 1,065 mi
Cost: $1,100
Per. Mile: $1.03
SqFt. Moved: 1,200
Mimi W
Tucson, AZ
Wrote a review on 11/15/2019
ABF U-pack Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

The container arrived at the loading end very dirty. The floor was covered with blue slimy liquid and absorbent gravel that had been thrown on it to try and remedy it. Two of us spent 2 hours mopping and chiselling it out before we could load. The dispatcher for ABF threatened to cancel the delivery when we complained which compounded the stress of the situation. UPack did reimburse us $100 for our trouble but we would have preferred to have had a clean trailer upon delivery. Other than that the move was fine and it arrived earlier than expected with no other problems.

Distance: 1,300 mi
Cost: $2,200
Per. Mile: $1.69
SqFt. Moved: 1,482
Linda S
Dunnellon, FL
Wrote a review on 10/5/2019
Penske Truck Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

Truck was ready on time and support staff was professional and communicated clearly with us about what needed to be done. Truck was modern, clean and in good condition. Managers here in Florida where we returned the truck couldn't have been nicer and gave us many tips about the moving and unloading process that we needed. They are really special people and helped us out a lot when our first unloading team failed to show up. Many thanks to them.

Distance: 1,000 mi
Cost: $2,000
Per. Mile: $2.00
SqFt. Moved: 3,000
Dee H
Pleasant View, TN
Wrote a review on 9/23/2019
1-800-Pack-Rat Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

The company performed as promised. Everyone was helpful and very responsive throughout the whole process. I chose Pack Rat because they did not charge extra for the multiple drop offs and pick ups of our three containers. The containers arrived on time and were collected on time. The company provided locks for each of the containers. That was a real plus for me. I appreciate the fact that I did not have to pay any storage fee although there were two weeks between the time I moved out of my old home and into my new one. A full service moving company would have charged me a daily rental fee beginning with a first-day rental of $2000+ which would have involved unloading my belongings, storing them and reloading again for delivery to my new home. I loved that once loaded into the Pack Rat containers and locked, my things would not be disturbed while out of my sight and supervision. A relative who had a protracted move with a full service provider had valuable pieces broken, I.e. a custom-made cuckoo clock and 3 irreplaceable and expensive oriental rugs lost or stolen. We DID; sustain a few instances of breakage: one inexpensive chest of drawers was severely damaged, two ornamental pieces on a metal birdbath were snapped off, one leg on a chest of drawers was damaged so that it didn't stand and one wheel of a cabinet is missing. I think these casualties were the result of the way these items were packed by the loading helpers, for example, the chest of drawers was stored on its side in the container.

Distance: 400 mi
Cost: $3,500
Per. Mile: $8.75
SqFt. Moved: 2,100
Shannon D
Las Cruces, NM
Wrote a review on 9/18/2019
ABF U-pack Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Frank at El Paso office was great—helped me out by getting a second trailer out to me promptly—the loading service put me way behind schedule due to their poor work and laziness.

Distance: 1,886 mi
Cost: $8,300
Per. Mile: $4.40
SqFt. Moved: 2,000
Aaron F
Columbus, OH
Wrote a review on 8/29/2019
ABF ReloCube Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

ABF UPack was very easy to work with. They were able to schedule deliveries in a short notice and everyone I worked with from the folks on the phone to the drivers delivering the pods were very nice and helpful.

Distance: 2,300 mi
Cost: $4,000
Per. Mile: $1.74
SqFt. Moved: 800
Nancy P
Simsbury, CT
Wrote a review on 8/11/2019
1-800-Pack-Rat Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

We were pleased with the cost for our long-distance move and the logistics of drop-off and pick-up worked well. There were a few issues with the dates as they appeared on the website because we had 2 containers, but our questions were always resolved by our phone calls. One of the containers was in rough shape and was put out of service after our move, but our belongings all arrived in good condition. One complaint was the blankets that we rented from They were old, smelly, and flaking - which caused additional cleanup for us. Also, there was no way to get a good estimate of the number of blankets needed. (There was a very accurate tool on their website to decide what size containers we needed.) Customer service was good whenever we called, but if the status of the move on the website had been updated more frequently, fewer calls would have been needed. All in all, the move went well and we would use them again.

Distance: 800 mi
Cost: $3,000
Per. Mile: $3.75
SqFt. Moved: 1,200

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