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Go Mini's®

Updated Saturday, June 15th 2019


  • Affordable local move
  • Helpful staff offers personalized customer service
  • Multiple sizes of containers, including one that fits five to six rooms
  • Steel-constructed containers designed to protect stored items from the elements
  • Great cancellation policy
  • You don't have to drive
  • Never includes sales tax into the total cost quote or reservation
  • Some locations lack wide reach for long-distance move
  • Weekends are booked well in advance, at least in the busy summer season
  • No insurance

Go Mini's® Moving Overview

Go Mini's is not as well known as bigger moving container companies. But it has a certain charm. I had never heard of the company before tackling this assignment. And once I dug into the subject matter, I learned that Go Mini's locations are either dealerships or franchises. I also found out this meant long-distance moves were not always possible. The Go Mini's of Bergen County in New Jersey (which is the one in my area) would only be able to help me make a local move.

While this is disappointing for those looking to move further, the company has some strengths.

The staff, at least the one in my neck of the woods, is super friendly. They can really give you personal attention thanks to a smaller company size and knowledge of the area. And the price for a local move and storage is affordable. Keep in mind, my experience at Go Mini's in Bergen County, NJ may be very different from yours elsewhere, because that's how franchising works. Still, this profile should give you an idea of the offerings and pricing.

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Go Mini's®
Local Move

Under 50 mi.

Average Cost


21.3% cheaper than other companies
Average Review


5.7% better than other companies
Average Cost Per Mile


Local Move

Under 50 mi.

Go Mini's®

Compared to Other Companies

Average Cost


21.3% cheaper than other companies
Average Review


5.7% better than other companies

Medium Distance

50-250 mi.

Go Mini's®

Compared to Other Companies

Average Cost Per Mile


8.5% higher than other companies
Average Review


1.5% better than other companies

Long Distance

250+ mi.

Go Mini's®

Compared to Other Companies

Average Cost Per Mile


43.5% cheaper than other companies
Average Review


347.0% lower than other companies

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Go Mini's Container

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Local Movers

My move with Go Mini's®

Author: Francesca Di Meglio

Updated: Saturday, June 15th 2019

My Move Details

For the purposes of this guide, I planned a long distance move (1,100 miles) from a three-bedroom home from Fort Lee, NJ (New York City area) to Kissimmee, FL. (Orlando area), because those are two destinations with which I'm familiar. But Go Mini's is not capable of accommodating long-distance moves, so this info is mostly irrelevant.

However, my parents are pretending to move from Fort Lee, NJ to Ridgefield Park, NJ, so I can write about the company's local moving services too. I tried to order the moving containers during a point in the busy season for movers (late spring and summer). I completed the order and later canceled it. By keeping the particulars of the move roughly the same for each order, I've made it easier to compare companies and services.

Here are the specifics for my parent's fictitious local move:

  • A three-bedroom home with beds, dressers, end tables and one desk and sewing machine
  • Kitchen with sets of dishes, glasses, pots, and pans, baking equipment, benches and a folding table
  • Living and dining rooms with two couches, a rocking chair, coffee table, dining table, six chairs, curio cabinet, china closet, hutch and delicate glasses and chotchkies
  • An additional room in the basement
  • Sun room above that additional room (filled with items, such as dishes, holiday decorations and other odds and ends)
  • Garage with tools and some landscaping equipment

How much is it to rent a Go Mini's Moving Container?

Long-Distance Move Price

I was able to input my information for the long-distance Kissimmee move using a quote tool on the company's website. But I quickly received an email explaining that the company does not provide long-distance moves at this time. I confirmed this fact on the phone with a customer representative, who explained that Go Mini's of Bergen County only provides moving services in the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut). In the email, the company recommended I contact United Van Lines and offered its phone number. Apparently, UVL is in the same office building and neighbors Go Mini's of Bergen County in New Jersey. Still, other than this, I have no information to share about the pricing of a long-distance move.

Local Move Price

Like virtually every other portable storage company, Go Mini's does not charge you until delivery day. Then, you are charged for the first month of rent for the container and the initial delivery. We opted for one 20-foot container, which holds five to six rooms. For this local move in New Jersey, my parents were going to be charged $322.88 for one month's rent and delivery. They would later be charged with the future transportation fee of $230.28 for delivery of the container to the new house in Ridgefield Park, NJ. The overall total for the move would be $553.16. But if my parents ended up keeping the container at the Fort Lee house for more than one month, they would have to pay additional rent, which costs $236 per month. "Charges do not include sales tax if applicable," according to the reservation emailed to me. So, of course, it probably would cost more than the total provided.


Go Mini's does not offer any type of insurance. Instead, when I asked about it, the customer representative recommended Online Moving Insurance. She added that the company has been referring customers to this insurance for years.

Price Thoughts

On the surface, the price is affordable for a local move of this nature. This is especially true when you consider that I had chosen a 20-foot container - the largest one available - for my parent's stuff. Unlike many of the other portable storage companies, this one offers steel-constructed as opposed to wood containers. So, this all seems like a great value. But that didn't stop me from worrying.

For starters, even after I made the reservation, I did not receive the total price; it still did not include local sales tax. That made me wonder if there would be hidden charges that I could not anticipate. The company does not offer insurance, which concerns me, though again, it did recommend a moving insurance company. Still, if I were to pursue that, I would certainly incur more charges.

One of the most disconcerting aspects of this was the push for having me store my stuff. The company does not offer the long-distance move for which I asked for a quote. But that didn't stop them from sending me emails suggesting I still use them for my storage needs. In addition, when I booked the local move, the customer rep would not schedule the pickup and delivery of the full containers to the new house. That led me to believe that the goal is to get you to hang onto the containers for as long as possible, in the hopes you extend past the one-month mark and have to pay additional rent.

Also, other companies send customers a more complete receipt of the reservation. It includes all the costs, info on cancellation policies and date changes, and the anticipated delivery and pickup dates. All this stuff should instead be spelled out in writing so you don't have to ask a lot of questions or anticipate worst case scenarios. Surprises are the last thing anyone wants when planning a move. Am I right?

A more minor gripe of mine has to do with the less sophisticated container size tool. Most portable storage companies have some sort of online tool to help you decide what size and number of containers you will need for the stuff you are moving. Go Mini's is no exception. But it is not as intuitive as others I've used. It has you check off items you plan on bringing. In the end, I just determined that the 20-foot container would be enough. If my parents were really moving, I would probably be more careful about my guesstimate. There's a chance the price could increase with the need for another container. Bam! That would have been another unpleasant surprise.

Is a Go Mini's Container right for my move?

People who are planning a local move and prefer personal attention from customer service will appreciate Go Mini's. The staff is willing to do some hand holding, perfect for moving neophytes or "type As" who over-plan everything. Assuming there are no hidden fees, the price is affordable. And the steel constructed containers were more appealing to me than the wooden ones that some of the company's competitors offer.


Their customer service might be the best.

I've done a great many of these profiles already, and I never had a customer service experience quite like this one, in a great way. Usually, I speak to multiple people whose names I never learn and who view me as a number. Lisa, my customer service rep, was my sole contact at Go Mini's. I emailed and called her personally, and she responded immediately. I never waited more than 20 minutes for a response. And I got in touch a handful of times to follow up on my initial reservation. Since the company is small and handles moves that are limited to a certain geographic area, the customer service can be hands on. She really got to know me and what I was looking for in a portable storage company.

In the age of "Big Brother", Go Mini's began tracking me when I first started fiddling with the quote system a few weeks ago, before I was ready to make a reservation. I was just trying to get a feel for the company and learn more about it. But since I had filled out the quote tool, I began receiving emails directly from Lisa. I'm sure the emails were formulaic direct marketing campaigns designed to convince someone who had already showed interest. Honestly, it was still a nice introduction because I felt like I already knew her a bit when I did reserve the containers.

More containers means more options.

One of the complaints I have had about portable storage container companies is the limited space in the individual containers. When someone is moving from a big home - say with three bedrooms like mine or my parent's - then they have to invest in many containers. Go Mini's claims to be the only company in the market that offers a 20-foot container, which fits about five to six rooms worth of stuff. The two other options are 12- and 16-feet, respectively. Having this variety helps those planning moves from any sized house.

Container seems sturdier than some others.

As always, I must preface this by reminding folks that I did not end up using the containers, so I do not have firsthand knowledge.But Go Mini's provides clients with steel-constructed containers as opposed to wood, which is a popular option with some of the competition. In addition, the company boasts that the containers are eight inches off the ground to prevent water and moisture getting inside. The floors are also pressure treated and moisture resistant, according to the website. Ventilation is supposed to also aid in preventing mold and the like. And Go Mini's makes a direct comparison to PODS: "Unlike PODS, our containers feature steel construction: welded frame, strong, and secure steel siding," according to the Go Mini's website. I have to be honest that the description and the fact that these containers are steel made me think they would better protect my parents' stuff.

The cancellation policy is more than fair.

You can cancel or make changes to the date and time up to 24 hours before your scheduled delivery/pickup. If you call the day of the delivery to cancel, you will be charged for the delivery, Lisa explained to me. This is fair and flexible, and it is in line with others in the industry.

Someone else can make the trip for you.

I applaud this fact in every portable storage company's profile. Few things scare me more than the thought of having to drive a big rig with all my life's belongings on the highway. Any chance to have someone else do the driving is a huge plus for me.


It couldn't handle the long-distance move.

Obviously, the biggest downside for me was that I would not be able to make the move to Kissimmee with Go Mini's. Honestly, if my parents and I really were planning moves of this nature at the same time, I'd probably go with a different company that could meet both families' needs. In general, smaller companies lack resources, so that's something to keep in mind, too.

The total cost remains unclear even after making a reservation

Even after I reserved my delivery date with my credit card and shared my intention to use the service to make a local move, I still did not get a statement including sales tax. This was annoying to me because I prefer to have everything spelled out beforehand. Anyone who wants to plan a budget needs to know exactly how much this is all going to cost up front. Receiving this type of incomplete reservation makes me wonder if there will be other hidden fees.

You really have to plan ahead.

For the purposes of these reviews, I usually try to book a weekend during busy season. Pretty much every weekend for the foreseeable future was booked already. So, I had to opt for a weekday. That wasn't the end of the world, but it could have been a real snag if my parents couldn't miss work. If your schedule is tight and you must move on a certain day, you should be prepared to plan ahead.

Without insurance, the company fails to provide additional security.

Yes, Go Mini's offered suggestions on where to get moving insurance. So, it didn't leave customers high and dry. But most other portable storage companies offer their own insurance. That makes things easier. For one, you only have to research and reserve with one company. Honestly, the thought of having to investigate the insurance company as I did this one would have been a real time killer.

Find out more about the Go Mini's company

Locations & Age of the Fleet

There are 200+ Go Mini's locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 79 franchise locations operate within the US. The location in New Jersey with which I would have been working has a relatively new flatbed truck, only dating back to 2016. This location was also anticipating the arrival of new containers.


This company sets itself apart in the portable storage moving business because of its franchise concept. The company first launched in 2002, but it converted to a franchise model in 2012, according to their website. he company is continuing to expand its franchising reach.

"Go Mini's recently expanded its franchise footprint via the dealership conversion process in Warner Robins, Ga., Dayton, Ohio, Little Rock, Ark., and Northern Indiana and has an aggressive plan to add new locations in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado this year," according to a press release dated May 22, 2017.

What Makes This Company Cool?

Dealerships are often converting to franchises, and each location is somewhat unique even if they work under the same brand name. This has its pros and cons, but it's all interesting from a business perspective.

Fun Fact

In 2017, Franchise Business Review recognized Go Mini's as a top franchise, and it took the No. 16 spot on Entrepreneur Magazine's 2017 list of best new franchises, according to their website.

Francesca Di Meglio

Contributing Author: Francesca Di Meglio

Francesca Di Meglio is a writer, editor, and moving professional featured on Businessweek and About.com. As a wife and mother of two little ones, she is always on the move.

Go Mini's® Reviews

Mark K
Simi Valley, CA
Wrote a review on 6/15/2019
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Go Mini's really saved the day. This was much better than renting a truck and hauling all my possessions back and forth between my house, a personal storage unit and then to our new house. Worth every cent. The drivers were extremely professional, punctual and skillful at dropping off and picking up the containers at my homes. Dean, Jason and Mark: you rock! The staff was super friendly and accommodating. Lorie was like my own logistics coordinator, always working to meet my moving objectives. The Go Mini's team worked around MY schedule, dropping off and picking up containers as I needed. They had ready access to a seemingly unlimited number of containers. My furniture and belongings arrived no worse for the journey. I highly recommend Go Mini's Simi Valley whenever you need to move or store anything.

Distance: 2 mi
Cost: $2,000
Per. Mile: $1,000
SqFt. Moved: 3,200
Michael O
Sherman Oaks, CA
Wrote a review on 4/6/2019
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

We are using their smaller 12 foot container to store furniture and belongings prior to showing the house. The driver arrived on-time and was very professional and careful in the placement of the unit. The unit itself appears almost new, it is sturdy and has great capacity. When full they will pick it up, store it on their site for future delivery. I will update the review when we receive it at our new home. (local move)

Distance: 10 mi
Cost: $627
Per. Mile: $62.70
SqFt. Moved: 2,800
Scott W
Emerald Isle, NC
Wrote a review on 4/2/2019
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

great service and very professional

Distance: 1 mi
Cost: $500
Per. Mile: $500
SqFt. Moved: 465
Rad B
Cypress, TX
Wrote a review on 3/6/2019
Go Minis Review
(3 out of 5 rating)

I went with Go Mini as they were the only provider to offer a truly climate storage container. Many other providers say they offer climate controlled, but when you get down to it, the temperature is not regulated. On the containers I used, there was an independent AC unit which offered true climate controls. One note on these units though is that the AC unit is at the back of the container and should be switched on prior to loading. Go Mini did not mention this to me with my first container until it was already packed and ready for pickup. That was very frustrating. The drop off of the unit for packing and original pickup were very smooth. The company was able to move quickly and on short timelines. I was very appreciative. The destination drop off, on the other hand, was poorly coordinated. There is no online reservation system or confirmation that you are actually scheduled to receive your container on the day you requested it to be delivered. Despite providing 20 days notice of when I wanted my container delivered, my container was not delivered as requested. The company did deliver the container the next business day, but this caused issues with scheduling movers and other dependencies. Because there is no online reservation or visible confirmation of scheduling, you must stay on top of the them to get your container delivered as desired. The manager was respectful of the situation, but it did provide much more stress than was necessary. With a simple reservation and notification system, this could have been avoided.

Distance: 30 mi
Per. Mile:
SqFt. Moved: 1,500
Bobby L
Aurora, IL
Wrote a review on 11/14/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Friendly knowledgeable owner or manager.

Distance: 1 mi
Cost: $200
Per. Mile: $200
SqFt. Moved: 1,200
Susan J
Winnetka, CA
Wrote a review on 11/7/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Very happy they very help and nice to talk. Made very easy. Great company to work. Great people and very help.

Distance: 15 mi
Per. Mile:
SqFt. Moved: 1,000
Kimberly M
Newtown, CT
Wrote a review on 11/1/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Storage unit was clean and delivered exactly where needed and on time for both locations.

Distance: 10 mi
Cost: $400
Per. Mile: $40.00
SqFt. Moved: 1,500
John C
West Chester, OH
Wrote a review on 10/19/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Pods was excellent!

Distance: 1,100 mi
Cost: $3,200
Per. Mile: $2.91
SqFt. Moved: 200
Dolores M
Fresno, TX
Wrote a review on 7/2/2018
Go Minis Review
(4 out of 5 rating)

The container met our needs.

Distance: 1 mi
Cost: $199
Per. Mile: $199
SqFt. Moved: 800
Lee S
Green Bay, WI
Wrote a review on 6/23/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Drop off and pickup of the container was on scheduled time and the driver was very courteous. Office was very helpful when we had to reschedule delivery date of the container also. Highly recommend using this service.

Per. Mile:
SqFt. Moved:
Carol F
Grove City, OH
Wrote a review on 5/10/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

Everything was great! I would use them again.

Distance: 1 mi
Per. Mile:
SqFt. Moved:
Tyler S
American Fork, UT
Wrote a review on 1/15/2018
Go Minis Review
(5 out of 5 rating)

They were excellent and even worked Saturday for me! Thank you so much!

Distance: 30 mi
Cost: $600
Per. Mile: $20.00
SqFt. Moved: 4,000

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